Rest in peace humanity

Humanity is lost, gone, disappeared, vaporizing into something scary that no one can tolerate. There are no boundaries between right or wrong, just caring for your own ass. Fake people are the king. Those who are used, lied to, betrayed, abused, and robbed; cheaters, rapists, pedophiles (MAPs), black hackers, are just growing and being accommodated. Open your eyes, look around you. War is everywhere, the Genocide are happening all over the world, Fucking Collonialism, Depopulation, and many more. Is this place still called Earth? We’ve created it, congratulations, well done. There’s no care or help among people anymore; everything they claim is right, the best, superior—well, I don’t care. At least helping other people, the hardships of their lives for the colonized, respect other people, empathize with their feelings.

Yes you look nice in your social media, riding your fancy bike, watching concert, travelling who i don’t giving fuck about it. You’re not the only ones who know everything, have succeeded and need people hear your problem. Everybody feeling smart now, yes you smart and know nothing mate. Materialism, consurism, FOMO, your worhsip to material things, cheating other people’s money, its a common thing now.

But what i have done? I am pushing away from my toxic environment. Just defend my self from all of you egoistic people, egocentric, narcisstic that made us. Did you ever thing about othe people misery? How hard our friend falling down into the deepest hole. Yes, i was in that hole many times and almost nobody care. I woke up with my close supported friend and my family. I am grateful that I still have them.

This is the world we live in now when satanic behaviour win, greedy people want to occupied other country with many ways. We must start from small scale of our life to instill good values in my children. My job as a father is a key to make better world. I tried to educate my children with all my effort. Even i hardly to communicate with them. Yeah maybe its my fault in past, but i feel that i am done my job as a father to taught my children for the future, saving them walking at wrong path.

Thanks if you read it, this is my opinion and serious problem in our world now. But still, enjoy your life, scroll down, slip right or left, waching manipulating movies, buy BTC, fuck your AI, invest all money, do your own research, keep learning, read a lot of books, etc. So see you soon in our main media. I know the algorithm, i will around you.

I am not racism, but i am open minded person and like talk positive things. I like to discuss with high intellegence people, some Alien maybe? But sorry i don’t make friend with fake people, egoistic, self centers, short-sighted, zionist, ignorance people. So where is Humanity now? 😂🙏