Rest In Peace Humanity

Humanity is lost, gone, disappeared, vaporizing into something scary that no one can tolerate. There are no boundaries between right or wrong, just caring for your own ass. Fake people are the king. Those who are used, lied to, betrayed, abused, and robbed; cheaters, rapists, pedophiles (MAPs), black hackers, are just growing and being accommodated. Open your eyes, look around you. Is this place still called Earth? We’ve created it, congratulations, well done. There’s no care or help among people anymore; everything they claim is right, the best, superior—well, I don’t care. At least respect other people without judging, empathize with their feelings. You’re not the only ones who know everything, have succeeded and need to show up on social media. I know the feeling at the top condition, money, power, girls. I know how life has hit me hard to the rock bottom, in conditions of nastiness, emptiness, zero—empty. In a room with 8 criminals, peoples without privacy bullying you, slept in the smelly no door closet.

What i have done? I am just defend my self from attack from hell, doing my job as a father to keep and teach my children for the future, saving them walking at wrong path, is that wrong with some fist. Yeah you deserved it, you make me do it. Hell yeah, i am nothing but i i don’t care. I am just sick of being judgeging, victimized, being used by all crazy scenario or stuff for years. Where exactly are the good people right now? Its a vintage and rare stuff, so can sell them to the devil if the prize and the fucking retard law is good too. 😈

#justsaying thanks if you read it, this is my opinion and serious problem in our world now. But still, enjoy your life, scroll down, slip right or left, waching movies, buy BTC, fuck your AI, invest all money, do tour own research, keep learning, read a lot of books, etc. So see you soon in our main media. I know the algorithm, i will around you.

I am an open minded actually and like talk positive things. I like to discuss with high intellegence people, some Alien maybe? Contact me please. No hardfellimg please except your opponent want to kill you in the first place, its devil in disguise who always sold god’s name 😂🙏

3 thoughts on “Rest In Peace Humanity

  1. aug 13, 2023

    teknologi, salah satu ilmu Tuhan yang ditemukan manusia, lalu apakah kita rela jika setan ikut memanfaatkannya?

    happy lazy sunday…human, sinkronisasikan ruh, hatimu dan isi kepala!

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